Donor Relations

  • Don Baker
    Don was born and raised in the Metro Washington, D.C. area, the son a career police officer. Service and community action were a cornerstone of family life, so it was no surprise when Don joined the military. He had the singular focus of becoming a US Navy SEAL, he achieved that honor and served his country for 8 years. Upon leaving the military he was recruited by a national fitness company to open the market in Austral-Asia and spent the next 10 years in Australia developing a chain of 12 centers nationally and heading staff training. Don finished his studies with an AA history from University of Maryland and BA history from University of NSW, Sydney.

    Don returned to the US to pursue the family business, a career in law enforcement. He joined the San Diego Police Department ultimately becoming a SWAT Officer and after serving there, he retired from public service. Since then, Don has worked in the private section for many years now and understands just how much support our Police and Sheriff’s need today.

    Don is an avid sailor, holds a US Coast Guard 100-ton Captain’s license, and a member of the Oceanside Yacht Club.